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Director and Vice Director of Publicity

  • To establish the image of Civil Engineering within and outside NUS.
  • To manage CE Club Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • To publicise activities organised by other departments through social media and traditional media.
  • To design CE and CE Club merchandises.

Director and Vice Director of External Liaison

  • To manage external relations with non-NUS Engineering based departments (LTA and BCA).
  • To secure sponsorship and funds for the club and various events.
  • To organise site visits, career fairs and networking session.

Director and Vice Director of Special Projects

  • To organise student based events such as welfare packs, CEE Day, CEE Safety Day.
  • To manage and oversee CESE Camp.

Goals for AY2017

  • CE Sports Day
  • CE Chinese New Year Steamboat Event

Project Director and Vice Project Director of CESE Camp (CE)

  • To organise CESE Camp with ESESC.
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