Last updated on June 8th, 2018 at 10:59 pm

CE1101: Civil Engineering Principles & Practice

  • Breakup:
    • 50% Project
    • 30% Quiz (Midterm and Final)
    • 20% Presentations
  • Concepts:
    • This module primarily covers topics from Statics and Mechanics, with a few basic concepts from Hydraulics. Topics in statics include equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies and truss, cable and frame structures. Topics in mechanics include axial, torsional, and flexural members, stress and strain due to bending and deflection of beams. Hydraulics concepts such as hydrostatics, viscosity and surface tension, pascal’s law and Archimedes’ Principle as well as conservation laws and dimensional analysis are covered.
  • Project:
    • A large portion of the module focuses on the projects. There are two portions to the project, building a paper model bridge and a model floating platform with tower. The projects will build on topics covered in the module while also introducing applications such as bridge designer and Microstation. Additionally, the presentations for the project portions will be graded by the CELC as the communications portion of this module.
  • Quiz:
    • The midterm and final quizzes consist of short answer questions. The midterm tests only the statics concepts while the final quiz will test all the covered topics. The problems given will be quite challenging and time management may be an issue, so it will be necessary to be clear on all the techniques required to solve different types of questions.
  • Preparation:
    • Most of the time spent on this module will be on the projects and the presentations, especially towards the end of the semester. Thus there is a need to make sure you keep up with the topics covered so that you do not need much time studying for the final quiz.