Last updated on June 8th, 2018 at 11:08 pm

CE2409: Computer Applications in Civil Engineering

  • Breakup:
    • 50% Final Project
    • 20% Final Quiz
    • 20% Lab work
    • 10% Homework
  • Concepts:
    • The initial part of the module is an introduction to MATLAB, covering all the essentials to programming. This part will encompass the homework and final project portion of the module. The second part of the module will introduce Autodesk Revit through lab work, while lectures will cover computer aided engineering concepts such as engineering graphics, geometry, views and sections and dimensioning. Computational thinking and object-oriented thinking will also be taught.
  • Project:
    • The project in this module will require the submission of a MATLAB script. The script will have to accomplish one of two given tasks. However, very clear and thorough instructions are given so as long as you are clear about all the techniques covered in the first half of the module, the project will be relatively easy to complete. Homework and project help will be provided by TAs in the lab and tutorial sessions, which are optional.
  • Quiz:
    • The quiz will cover the concepts taught in the second portion of the module, and will be conduction online in an open book manner. However, the concepts covered are wide ranging, so some preparation is still required. The quiz format will be mostly MCQ and fill in the blank questions.