Last updated on June 8th, 2018 at 11:14 pm

CE3132: Water Resources Engineering

  • This module is split into two portions: hydrology and hydraulics. Sounds rather similar, but they both entails a very different aspect of water studies. Hydrology describes more of rainfall patterns and water flows (rather similar to physical geography) while hydraulics focuses more on the physics of water flow in close and open channels. Hydrology is taught by Prof Liong and Hydraulics is taught by Prof Pat Yeh. Both professors are very passionate and driven in the subjects they specialize and lecture in. Hence, they will always answer your questions very comprehensively ensuring that you internalize their teachings. šŸ˜Š

Difficulty: 4/5

  • As this module has a large breadth, the skills requires is also largely varied, from good calculation and mapping skills to strong physics background in understanding hydraulic concepts. Rather tough but really manageable if you are very conscientious in keeping up with lectures, doing your assignments andĀ completing your past year papers.

Interest: 3/5

  • This module can get rather dry, so be prepared to munch on your snacks and “dabaoed lunch” during lectures. However, assignments could be done in groups, so remember to book your friends in advance, and have fun completing assignments together.


-Dale Lee Zhen Wei (Year 3)