Last updated on June 8th, 2018 at 11:14 pm

CE3155 Structural Analysis

Difficulty: /5

Interest level: /5

CE3155 Structural Analysis teaches students several useful methods to analyse structures, including the virtual work, slope deflection and stiffness method, among others. Content wise, this module is highly mathematical. It involves the use of matrices, simultaneous equations and some calculus. The math can get quite tedious at times, but the most difficult part of this module is trying to understand and idealize the structures presented in questions. In recent years, questions have moved away from idealized, textbook style structural diagrams, and have become increasingly replaced by real life structures. Thus, a holistic understanding of structural behavior is required; just knowing how to work the math is insufficient.

Fortunately, this module is also peppered with fun and engaging activities, such as in-class gameshow style quizzes with small prizes to be won for high-scorers. There is also a hands on crane design project, where students get to try their hand at building a structure out of craft wood to carry the highest load with the least material. These activities make for a mostly enjoyable and memorable module, softening the innate difficulty and tedium of an otherwise highly mathematical module.