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Project: Bu Pian Village, Hainan Island

Our Mission Statement To strive for the opening of minds and the development of heart through community service. The main objective of this project is to reach out and improve the standard of living to the local community. This project would also enable Civil Engineering undergraduates to have the chance to learn and to instill in them a spirit of altruism by providing them an insight into the life and cultures of our neighbors through community service.


  • Loong Zhi Village

  • Qiong Hai County

  • Hainan Province

  • Republic of China

Site Description

Loong Zhi Village is a farming village dating back to approximately 800yrs, with a population of about 800 to 900.

The economy of the village is primarily dependent on the cultivation of rice. The villagers reap what they need and the excess is sold as cash crop to pay for daily necessities. Some villagers grow vegetable and keep livestock for own consumption.

In China’s plan to be a member of World Trade Organization, the Chinese government gradually open up their control over import. Recently, rice is allowed to be imported from countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Laos and others. The import causes the price of rice to fall by about 50%. It is no longer profitable to grow rice as cost such as fertilizer and insecticide remains unchanged. This has caused hardship to the villagers, as they are unable to generate enough income for them to pay for their daily necessities.

A good solution for the farmer is to diversify into growing vegetable. However, this require good water control into their irrigation system. The village has the worst irrigation system in the country

Scope of work

2 U drains, each of 500 metres in length and  water control for the irrigation system over a stretch of 1km will be constructed.The U drains will be complete with sumps for water control in the irrigation system.

Project Duration : June 18 – July 8 2001

Participants : 28 NUS Engineering Undergraduates





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