Review #1

Expected Grade: A-

Actual Grade: A-
What did you enjoy most in this module?
We had 2 diff profs for part 1 & 2 and they were both great (Prof Leung and Prof Ku)!! This module is not very difficult although it might seem tough at the start. Part 1 & 2- Method of solving questions are very straightforward and mechanical. You are taught a few methods and the qn will usually specify which method to use.

Any project work involved? If yes, describe what it involved.
Project for part 1 (slope failures). The project requires the use of “Slide” software. Consult the TA as much as possible cuz the software churns out weird results. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure it out by yourself. Project had a big weightage and bell curve is steel, so do it well.

Any advice or things that we should take note of?
Solutions for past year final papers are not provided. So start doing the past year papers early and go for consultations to
see if you are doing the right things (very impt). Don’t rely too much on your friends for solutions cuz they’re method might be wrong and you won’t have time to consult profs if you leave it to the end.


Review #2

Expected Grade: B+

Actual Grade: A-
What did you find most challenging in this module?
Had some problems understanding the modelling software but they were resolved after some experimentation on the software.

Any project work involved? If yes, please briefly describe what it involved.
Building a crane out of wood to take loads. The higher the better.