Review #1

Difficulty: 3/5

Interest level: 4/5

I feel that this module involves a lot of visualisation and flexible thinking for one to be able to understand a question and solve it. However, it is pretty interesting (both part 1 and 2) to learn about the procedures to design concrete and also to learn how different types of forces result in different outcomes. Prof Koh Chan Ghee is super patient and enthusiastic in teaching us the concept. I have went for several consultations with him and each time I benefitted greatly.

Review #2

What did you MOST enjoy in this module?
Beam building

What did you find most challenging in this module?
Calculating the estimated load of the beam

Any project work involved? If yes, please briefly describe what it involved.
We are required to design and build a beam with aluminium strips that can support 3kN and to estimate how much our beam can support


Review #3

Difficulty: 3/5

Interest level: 3/5

  • Part 1 Professor: Zhang Min Hong
  • Part 2 Professor: Koh Chan Ghee

CE2155 is an interesting module. The first part taught by Zhang Min Hong is rather straight forward. We only have to remember the contents that were taught in her part to answer the questions in the exams. The lab class for her part is rather interesting. Concepts and calculations learnt from the lab class is crucial because it makes up a large percentage of her part in the exams. The amount of work required for the lab class is a lot but the weightage is only a small percent. The second part taught by Koh Chan Ghee is more on calculations. The lecture notes were very useful in helping us understand the in depth concept. The most confusing part would be the Mohr’s Circle as it requires us to understand the whole concept in order to apply the Mohr’s Circle correctly.