20th CE Club Management Committee Structure

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Director and Vice Director of Publicity To establish the image of Civil Engineering within and outside NUS. To manage CE Club Instagram and Facebook accounts. To publicise activities organised by other departments through social media and traditional media. To design CE and CE Club merchandises. Director and Vice Director of External Liaison To manage external relations with non-NUS Engineering based departments (LTA and BCA). To secure sponsorship and funds for the club and various events. To organise site visits, career fairs and networking session. Director and Vice Director of Special Projects To organise student based events such as welfare packs, CEE Day, CEE Safety Day. To manage and oversee CESE Camp. Goals for AY2017 CE Sports Day CE Chinese New Year Steamboat Event Project Director and Vice Project Director of CESE Camp (CE) To organise CESE Camp with ESESC.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Day 2018

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CEE day is an annual event that aims to promote the following: ​ To garner all budding civil and environmental engineers and celebrate their interests in the field as one To encourage participation among existing participants on the disciplines and nature of their courses To provide a platform to appreciate inject the element of fun into course-related knowledge and applications To expose participants to possible career paths at the sponsoring organisations ​ We hope that everyone had a great time!  

Halloween Special Movie Screening!

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Our welfare event for this semester is scheduled in Week 9, 17th October (Thursday) at 5pm. Invite as many friends as you want! One of the highlight for our event is the lucky draw. We have a total of 3 pairs of tickets (worth $48 each) to CURSED STUDIO: Singapore’s first mission based Halloween event. Movie : The Conjuring Date/ Time : 17 October 2013 (Thursday), 5pm Place : E5-03-23 Sign up here : https://docs.google.com/a/ceclub.sg/forms/d/1mun5PGNfwbiMC24e0YMsuV85Z-F48pnM_uQ4Mopguh4/viewform If you want to check out CURSED STUDIO, here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/events/448104821970986/?ref=22