Review #1

What did you enjoy the most during your time there?
Awesome Swiss scenery. Super ontime public transport (accurate down to the minute sia).

What did you not enjoy during your time there?
Insanely high prices for food and transport. School lunch cost on average SGD15 a meal so lots of students cook at home and bring lunch boxes. Be prepared to spend lots of money there.

What modules did you take?
German 1, EG2401(french), CE3166(french), CE3116(french), TEs

Any recommendations/advice?
Go in semester 2 for a better fit to the academic schedule. Take master modules, they are easier and usually conducted in English. Bachelor’s courses are conducted in French, don’t really recommend to take because it is really hard and it is in french somemore. The region speaks French, so some knowledge of French will make your life easier.