Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: A

  • 30% quiz 1 (part 1)
  • 30% quiz 2 (part 2)
  • 30% project (2 parts)
  • 10% online assessment

Quiz: The breakup is different from previous semesters when the
quiz takes much less weightage. The quiz one only tests on part 1
which includes chapter 1 to 6, from Section Classification to
Unrestrained Beam. The second quiz tests 3 topics which are beam-
column, plate girder, and connections. The style of quiz questions
also changed. Previously, the member section is given, and you need
to determine the maximum capacity. But now the question asks the
other way around. Given the forces acting on the member (usually
you need to analyze yourself), you select the most economical
section using “blue book”. They changed because professors think “it
is should be about design, not checking. “

Concepts: Basically, you will learn how to design steel structures by
learning different design formulas in Euro code such as the buckling
resistance of a compression member section under axial load.
Part 1 also covers a bit on one of the topics in CE3155. You need to
understand the concepts of the distribution area of roof slab. And
also the force transfer (from the roof slab to the primary beam, the
second beam and then the columns and finally to the base. )

Project: there are two parts. The first part is analyzing the structure
of a two-storey workshop. Second part involves design. In my
opinion, they are not difficult if you follow the ppt template given.
Some tips for you: It is quite important to participate in the
calculation such as the EHF because it was also tested in the final
exam. You will learn further about the differences between braced
and unbraced structures and the differences between major axis and
minor axis. These concepts were also tested in the final exam. The
other important learning point is use of software ETABS.

– Shu Hui